Who should I contact if I am interested in attending events or joining?

Our Vice President of Recruitment is Chris Gilbert. You can reach him on Facebook or via email: christopher.j.gilbert@maine.edu

What are some events that Sigma Phi Epsilon Maine Alpha hosts?

The annual events in the Fall are Rock Against Rape and Archery Tag. In the Spring we host Fraternity All Stars Vs. UMaine Basketball. The Balanced Man Week is hosted for one week during both semesters, where we host multiple events at the house. If you are interested in learning more about our events please contact our Vice President of Programming, Mikey Williams: michael.williams@maine.edu

My son has been asked to become a brother. What can I expect?

Your son must have recently received a “Bid” or an invitation to join the fraternity. This invitation allows your son to become a brother and attend meetings as all the events associated with our fraternity.  He will begin the Balanced Man program, focusing on personal growth as an individual and a leader on campus.

How is Sigma Phi Epsilon Maine Alpha leading the national fraternity?

Currently SigEp Maine Alpha is one of the leading chapters in the country as far as excellence is concerned. Since our recharter in 2001, we have been recognized for our excellence the areas of all operations in comparison to other chapters across the nation by receiving 4 consecutive Buchanan Cups. These cups are given to chapters that are proper representations of our Cardinal Principals of Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love.

What distinguishes Sigma Phi Epsilon from other fraternities?

The Maine Alpha Chapter of SigEp strives to break the stereotypes commonly associated with college fraternities. We have an alcohol and substance free house and this is translated to our events as well. We strive to be the leaders on campus for not only academics, but for athletics, volunteer hours, and manpower as well. Our fraternity was founded on the phrase “This fraternity will be different” and continue to prove those words each and every year.